Board of Directors

Lightning Ridge District Bowling Club

Picture of Rod Hungerford

Rod Hungerford


Picture of Ray Brown

Ray Brown

Senior Vice President

Picture of Peter Collison

Peter Collison

Junior Vice President

Picture of Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson


Picture of Noel Burke

Noel Burke


Picture of Mick Cooke

Mick Cooke


Picture of Phil Morris

Phil Morris


Role of the Board

The Board of Directors is accountable to the members for the performance of the entity and is responsible for the corporate governance practices of Lightning Ridge District Bowling Club Ltd.

The Board’s principal objective is to maintain and increase member value while ensuring that overall activities are properly managed.Lightning Ridge District Bowling Club Ltd corporate governance practices provide the structure which enables this objective to be achieved, whilst ensuring that the business and affairs of the entity are conducted ethically and in accordance with the law.

The Board’s overall responsibilities include:

  • Approving corporate strategies and monitoring management performance
  • Monitoring financial performance and, in this regard, working with the external auditors
  • Monitoring and ensuring the maintenance of adequate risk management controls and reporting mechanisms

The Board delegates responsibility for day to day management of Lightning Ridge District Bowling Club Ltd to the Secretary Manager.

To ensure the board is well equipped to discharge its responsibilities it has established guidelines for the nomination and election of directors and for the operation of the board. These are outlined in the club’s Constitution.