Smoking Policy

As of July 2007 Lightning Ridge District Bowling Club Ltd, in compliance with State Government legislation, will become entirely smoke-free indoors.

That’s great news for non-smokers as the air quality will obviously improve.

The news is good for smokers too as they will be catered for with specific outdoor smoking area’s, known as Designated Outdoor Smoking Areas.

From July 2 these areas will be as comfortable as possible for smokers, while obeying the strict requirements of the legislation smoke-free environment amendment act 2004 (NSW) & OHS act 2000 (NSW) at the same time.

The Board of Directors have formally approved and accepted the location of smoking areas.

We at Lightning Ridge District Bowling Club Ltd wish to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all workers, patrons and guests by introducing a smoke-free club.

You have a right to access any personal information that Lightning Ridge District Bowling Club Ltd may hold about you, including a right of correction of your information. Lightning Ridge District Bowling Club Ltd will not charge a fee for you to access your personal information. If you require any further information, please contact Scott Franklin on (02) 6829 0408